…Once Upon A Time Oil painted clipart Fairies, enchanted animals, flowers, floral arrangements & wreaths, papers & tileable patterns

The set of beautiful, themed, hand painted oil clipart. With this collection you are able create professional looking designs just in minutes! Fairies, enchanted animals and florals, glitters and digital papers with retained oil texture – mix & match them! Preaped with love tileable patterns are also included. Fairies are available in three variants – with and without wings, with and wihout animals. Pre-decorated animals are included. Create your own story!All the files (exept patterns and papers) are PNGs with transparent background. Papers and patterns are high resolution JPGsWhat you will get?

  • 11 variants of fairies – decorated and plain
  • 8 variants of animals – decorated and plain
  • 10 floral arrangements + one frame
  • 32 individual floral elements
  • 2 old woods
  • 4 variants of bronze ornaments
  • 4 glitter elements + one rough oil background element
  • 6 digital papers with retained oil texture
  • 10 tileable patterns – all the patterns are available on transparent background
  • 3 beautiful pre-maid printables
  • 2 animals silhouettes with floral pattern

All the elements which you are see on the product covers are included